The distance above the cooking surface is based on the kind of range you own. Different fuels, burners and surface size require different heights. This information can be found in your stove’s user manual. In general you need a minimum of 24” above an electric range and of 30" above a gas range. Please note that regional by-laws can also dictate the minimum and maximum distance. Please check with your local authority before installation.


All ARDA hoods use a 6” round duct. 6" Duct Transitions come standard and included with regular retail range hood models.

Note: Arda Pro-Style Range Hood HAE702 requires 10" round duct.


All ARDA hoods manufactured after January 2009 have the re-circulating air option. Please contact us at info@ardaappliances.com for the correct recirculation kit for your model #.  Note:  Does not apply to Arda Hood Inserts or Pro-Style Hoods.


Hot water and dishwashing soap is all that is usually needed. Rinse with clean water and dry with a clean dry cloth to avoid water marks.  For heavier dirt, use a non-scratching household cleanser or stainless steel cleaner.  For hard to remove stains, use a plastic scouring pad or soft bristle brush with cleanser and water, keeping your pressure light and brushing with the grain of the stainless steel.




Please contact us at service@ardaappliances.com for a local service agent. Please provide your model # and contact information.


The replacement period of non-ducted filters depends on the frequency and type of cooking.  Charcoal filters have a recommended replacement period of every 3 to 6 months. 


All Arda range hoods come with a power cord.